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A Brief History of Mark

I was born in New Hampshire and grew up mostly in Wichita, Kansas.
I went to Rice University in Houston where I earned a Bachelor's in Computer Science.
I moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech and left with a Master's degree (also in CS).
I have lived in the Atlanta area since 1991.

My Neighborhood

I live in East Lake Commons, a neighborhood built to support quality time with your neighbors. Our townhouses are close together, making it very easy to walk to anyone's house. The space saved is partly left wild and partly used as an organic farm. Each house is self-sufficient, but we also have a shared "common house" with a commercial-quality kitchen, large dining area, guest bedrooms, wood shop, TV room, exercise room, laundry, kids play room and playground. This shared space makes it possible to host a large party or have more overnight guests than fit in your house. A Sunday meal group gets about 40 people together once a week for dinner and takes turns cooking and cleaning.

My Job

Since late 1996 I have been working in Decatur with Aqua Terra Consultants, a small environmental modeling company. We write software that looks at historic data like rainfall, stream flow, and water quality and can make projections about how things might change in the future. We look for the likely effects of all kinds of things: I like working at a job that can have some positive impact on the environment and makes good use of my computer programming and user interface design skills.

My Current Location

My latest fun project is recording where I go with the GPS built into my phone. I use this information to update OpenStreetMap, a cool open-data mapping project. I wrote VataviaMap, software that runs on Windows desktop and Windows Mobile and displays maps, GPS tracks, and buddy locations. I have not yet made a new version for my new phone, so for now I am using Google Latitude to share where I am on the map at the right.

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